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Tasaru and Piron keyrings [Gormiti]
Tasaru and Piron and then Noctis and Agrom.
The written in the background are the phrases of the songs of "Popolo della foresta"(Forest Kingdom) and the "Popolo del mare" (Sea Kingdom)
Happy Easter [Saint Seiya]
Kanon no Gemini-bunny version.
Happy Easter girls and boys

Tagged by DEAD-chan102 . Thanks

The Rules

• Write the rules

• Write 13 things about yourself

• Answer 13 questions made by the person who tagged you, and make your own 13 questions

• Tag 13 deviants (tag backs are allowed)

Thirteen facts about me:

-For all the years of middle school I suffered from Misanthropy that is hatred of myself and/or the human race.

-I love anime and cartoon theme songs. Modern singers (rap, dj, pop ...) I don't really like

-The upper schools, wants to study at an Academy specialising in manga.

-I'd like to, as an adult, to publish a manga about gormiti. Yes ... on gormiti ...

-I hate fashion (except the extravagant of Lolita) and gossip except those that are done in my close circle of friends.

-In my free time I like to read, write, and draw (I'd ever tell, huh?).

-Scary things I like. It's hard to explain. Do a practical example: many people fear, as I do, the darkness.Although scares the darkness, I like to be surrounded by darkness. I repeat: it is hard to explain.

-I've always been fascinated by Greek and Egyptian deities (HORUSSSS!)

-I've always had this philosophy of life: "if you're breaking my balls and Ikick where the sun don't shine"

-Even though I look like a shy girl and quiet (and maybe some are) be sure I could pull out of grit

-In my imagination I own a thousand husbands and sons. Am I the only one or all otaku/fangirls have these unhealthy ideas?

-I am very sensitive, irritable, Moody and childish.

-I have many more friends on the internet than in real life. And I must admit I am spectacular. Now seem the ass lick on duty but it is true:Thanks for supporting me.

1.What do you like to do on your spare time?
I repeat: I like to read,especially the Homeric poems and the fantasy and the manga,draw and watching anime and cartoons.

2.What is your favore thing to do?
Disturb and annoy my friends.

3.If you had to choose between saving Raven or Starfire who would you save and why?
Raven because I like her character

4.What's your favorite sport and why?
None in particular,sincerely. But if I had to choose I would say swimming and football

5.If you had to choose between Anime world and real world Witch one would you choose and why?
Anime world.Must I also explain why?

6.[im gonna repeat HL-san's question cause i have no idea how else to put it xD >o<] If you had to draw yourself a tattoo to wear, what would you design?
A blue butterfly or a raven.

7.What's your favorite color[if you dont have one just say so too ^^]
Sky Blue 

8.What's your favorite food? and why? xD

9.What song does your personality describe 
Anna Blue -Silent Scream-

10.Is your OC based on some original caracter or not if its not a secret
None. Avoid to copy from other characters of comics or cartons or anything else

11.What's your hobby?
Draw. Do not you would have never said true?
Also i like write very much

12.What do you do on your spear time?

13.What nature element you like/are
In the zodiac i am a Water sign but I prefer the earth element and,if we consider also the elements present in the gormiti,even the forest

My questions are:
- if you have read the Iliad, which character do you prefer?
- your favorite characters in anime and in cartons.
- What would you like to do as a craft?
- What are your fears?
- Your favorite divinity among the Egyptian divinities and Greek.
- Your zodiac sign and your element
- your preferred ship(between the original characters of a given series(souls,comics...) and between your oc)
- the thing you hate the most
- if your favorite character was real,what would you do?
- you have a character very sweet and sensitive (as Violet...) or a character similar to a bricklayer?
- What is your favorite vocaloid? (random question)
- What is the first place you want to visit?
- your favorite creepypasta?



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Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
um,what can I say?
My name is Viola but my friend call me Vì.
I'm a fanatic of:
-MANIGOLDO NO CANCER!!!! My husband (one of many)


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